Student Ministry

Welcome to Kish SM.  As you walk into our youth ministry, you will notice a friendly, inviting group of people.  Our student ministries range from Age-Specific Sunday School, Sunday evening Youth Group, Sr. Hig Hangout Nights, Student Ministry Team  & Occasional Events, Retreats, and more.



SM Age-Specific Sunday School: Sundays, 8:45am - 9:45am

Sunday School is a time to dig deeper into God' Word.  To do this better, we have seperate Sunday Schools for our Jr. High (6th-9th grade) and Sr. High (9th-12th grade).  We allow 9th graders to choose which group they want to attend, based on their interest, group dynamcis of each class, topics and friends.

Sr. High Sunday School is taught by Drex Treaster.  It's the first room on the left as you walk in the main entrance on the lower level.  This group covers multiple topics, based on student/teacher interests and is a discussion-based format with facilitating by Drex.

Jr. High Sunday School is taught by Pastor Chris Garland, in the student ministries room in the lower level of our building.  Various topics are discussed in this class.  They are currently going through a 4-week DVD serious, with discussion afterwards entitled "I AM Getting To Know God."  



SM Combined Youth Group: Sundays, 6pm - 8pm

Youth Group, at Kish, is always a blast.  We typically start out with a little bit of free-time, as students show up, enjoy hanging out with each other or watch music videos.  We then head into a group game time, that ranges from sit down games, to higher energy sports.  From group games, we move into a creative lesson on the Cross-Raods of Life.  This takes place in our student ministries room.  This year, our theme is "Cross Roads"  The time ends with prayer and then a few minues of free-time and snacks. Once a month, we typically take one Sunday night for a special youth group event.  Join us any week for youth group and don't forget to ask Pastor Chris for a free gift bag if you are a first time visitor.




SM Sr. High Hangout: One Wed. & One Thurs. Each Month, 6:30-8pm

Twice-a-Month we offer Sr. High Hangouts for our 9th-12th grade students.  Each month we have one Hangout Time on a Wednesday and another on a Thursday, to accomodate different students' schedules.  These hangout times take place in homes and involve getting to know each other, eating together and then a short biblically-based discussion on relevent topics.  Click Here for a list of winter/spring dates, times & locations!



Student Ministry Team: Once Every 4-6 Weeks

This school year, we started a Student Ministry Team for any 7th-12th grade students who desired to serve as student leaders/servants in our youth minsitry.  This team meets once every 4-6 weeks and is learning servant leadership principles from the book "Help - I'm a Student Leader" by Doug Fields.  If you are interested in learning how to be a student leader, just contact Pastor Chris!




SM Youth Events:

Our student ministries hold several events each year.  They range from day hikes, to camping, winter retreats, conferences, creative nights, all-nighters, movie nights, service projects, missions trips and more.  Feel free to contact Pastor Chris and have him put you on the email list to recieve youth updates.  Some of our upcoming and past events can be seen below in the SM Facebook Feed below.  If you plan on attending youth group or one of our youth events, please fill out this yearly liability form and return it to Pastor Chris.



SM Facebook Feed

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