Student Ministry

Welcome to SM @ Kish.  As you walk into our youth ministry, you will notice a friendly, inviting group of people.  Our student ministries range from Sunday morning Sunday School, Sunday evening Youth Group and Occasional Events, Retreat, and more.


SM Sunday School: Sundays, 8:45am - 9:45am

We are currently in a study we started in September 2016 called "Doomsday Preppers"  This year, we have already talked about characters like Noah, Joseph and Moses, who lived through real doomsday scenarios.  We have just started looking at the ultimate doomsday scenario of the "End Times" as we are now working through the prophecies of the Book of Daniel, and then later the Book of Revelation.  This "Doomsday Preppers" series is a part of our larger "Ultimate Survivial" Theme for the 2016-2017 School Year.



SM Youth Group: Sunday, 6pm - 8pm

Youth Group, at Kish, is always a blast.  We typically start out with a little bit of free-time, as students show up, enjoy hanging out with each other or watch music videos.  We then head into a group game time, that ranges from sit down games, to higher energy sports.  From group games, we move into a relevant lesson time, in our student ministries room that is always decorated for our yearly theme.  This year, we are talking about "Ultimate Survival Youth."  We talk about ways for us to surive spiritually, based on real-life survival skills, gear, topcis, etc.  Most weeks, at the end of the lesson, students get a surivial items to put in their "Bug Out Bags" to remind them of the lessons they learned.  The time ends on prayer and then a few minues of free-time and snacks. Once a month, we typically take one Sunday night for a special youth group event.  Join us any week for youth group and don't forget to ask Pastor Chris for a free drawsting bug-out bag.



SM Youth Events:

Our youth group events each year typically start with our famous "Messy Games Night."Our youth events this year range from day hikes, to camping, winter retreats, duct tape creative nights, all-nighters, movie nights, service projects and more.  Soon, we will have a calender on this site highlighting all the events.  Until then, feel free to contact Pastor Chris and have him put you on the email list to recieve youth updates.  Some of our events can be seen below (click on the to download the flyers), as well as you can browse some pictures of past events in the SM Facebook Feed below.  If you plan on attending youth group or one of our youth events, please fill out this yearly liability form and return it to Pastor Chris.











SM Facebook Feed

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