Adult Bible Fellowships

We offer a variety of opportunities for adults to learn the truths and principles of God’s Word through interactive, relational gatherings on Sunday mornings prior to the Worship Service. Presently there are four groups that meet, geared around a variety of topics and Bible books.


Mixed adults

Location: Fellowship Hall
Teacher: Lee Bohn
Study: The Book of Romans


Women's ABF


Location: Women's Ministry Room
Teachers: Deb Yoder, Sharon Hugendubler, Barb Sabin
Study: Adorned, Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together, by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth


 Men's ABF

 Location: Sr Pastor's Office
 Teachers: Mark Colwell, Darren Yoder, Pastor Doug
 Study: Swipe Right - The Life and Death Power of Sex and Romance, by Levi Lusko


 Post High ABF

 Location: Prayer Room
 Teachers: Luke & Ingrid Shinski, Kirby & Julie Martin
 Study: Various Collage-Age Related Topics