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We're ready to roll! Here's what you need to know...

Good morning, Kish Family member,
There are two ways to get to Kish Online:

Through the "Listen" tab on our Website:  This has the outline posted as well. Or....
By going directly to YouTube:

We are very thankful for all of Pastor Chris's work in getting this up and running. It took him all day yesterday. Here are his suggestions. Please read carefully and follow:
I would encourage people to sign into YouTube ahead of time and "Subscribe" to our church YouTube Channel, as well as click the "Set Reminder" Bell to get notifications.  This way it will notify them of new videos and remind them about 30 minutes ahead of time that the Online Church Video is starting, as well as 2 minutes before it starts.
The video is set as a Premiere @ 10am on Sunday, March 22, 2020.  The video will count down 2 minutes ahead of time and Kish Online will air @ 10am.  Anyone starting the video on time will be engaged with the same video at the same time and can comment to the video (worship & sermon), as it happens, thus creating some level of fellowship / response to worship.  After the video is over, it will be available for anyone who missed it on YouTube and the Listen section of our website.
We hope and pray that you have a meaningful time of worship this morning. Anxious to hear your thoughts/suggestions afterwards. Remember, this is our first crack at this, so we have much to learn, but have given it our best effort in a short amount of time. To God be glory.
God's richest blessings to you today,
Pastor Doug

Kish Update, Special Edition

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives

us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7


Dear Kish friend,

Paul wrote the above words in prison, awaiting execution. His circumstances were dire, yet he reminded his readers that timidity (cowardice) is not from God. What IS from Him is POWER (to be able to do all He intends for us to do), LOVE (the ability to look beyond our own needs to the needs of others), and SELF-DISCIPLINE  (not acting foolishly or rashly.)


With these three guiding principles, let’s courageously walk forward together.


The purpose for our actions is to keep you safe, and also hopefully to increase our effectiveness and reach as a church.


So, what should our response be? Panic? Give in to fear? Run to our idols for comfort? Our leaders believe that a prayerful, thoughtful, Biblically-measured response is the only option for us.  Here are some of the things we are doing in response...


Moving our Church Online...Services / Gatherings…. We have decided that, at the very earliest, we are considering reconvening church in 2 ½ weeks, Sunday, April 5. We have decided to tie our decisions about meeting to with the Mifflin County School System.  So, the Sunday following their return would be our first Sunday to meet.  However, With the CDC’s  recommendation that groups of 50 or more be eliminated for the next 8 weeks, and the President’s narrowing that number down to 10 people, we may have to extend our April 5 target date further into the future.    Our Easter Service has been moved from the school to our church building at this point. We will keep you posted on all of this as it develops.


Sermons / Worship…With this reality, in the short term, we are going to have at least an audio recorded message on our website ready for you on Sunday mornings. We encourage you to set aside 10 AM on Sunday morning with your family, and consider it as a time of focused worship to the Lord.  We are hoping to have some kind of music component to this as well, perhaps YouTube links you can click to sing to. Longer term, we are hoping to have this refined, using video, live streaming options, etc. We will keep you informed of progress.


Giving…We are currently working on more permanent online giving options. Meanwhile, in the short-term, here are the options for those of you that see the priority of keeping Kish funded as we continue to minister:

  1. Your check could be physically mailed to the church:  99 Taylor Drive, Reedsville, PA  17084.
  2. You can set up a direct-pay option with your bank.
  3. Soon we are hoping to have a secure locked box in the foyer that can be accessed during business hours for you to drop your donation into.
  4. We are also currently doing research on an online pay option. That may be a little later before it is up and running.


Methods of communication…We will try to keep you up to speed with everything via email and our website:


Other Considerations….Special challenges with Child Care… Luke and Ingrid Shinskie are taking point with working with families that have been affected by this with special child care needs that cannot be met otherwise, while school is out. If that is your situation, please contact them: Luke (215-692-4663) or Ingrid (215-589-3240).


At-risk seniors, and others…We are looking for people willing to volunteer as resources to help in the areas of picking up meds, groceries, etc.,  for those people who do not have others to assist them during this time when they may need to stay in quarantine. If you are willing to be put on that list, please respond below. Thank you.


Prayer requested for the team…The following individuals are part of this team. We need the wisdom of Solomon in this! But God promises to give it if we ask in faith, according to His will. Please remember in prayer: Darren Yoder, Larry Kauffman, Holly Hill, David and Rachel Jones, Drex and Lizzie Treaster, Mark Colwell, Todd Shirk, Maranda Jackson, Keith Cram, Steve Hugendubler, Brent Erb, Eric Goss, Vicky Erceg, Adam Weaver, Luke Shinskie, Terry Knouse, Pastors Chris Garland and Doug Sabin


Final Thoughts…Of course, we are looking down the barrel of an unprecedented global challenge. Obviously, this can be scary, as the world as we knew it, has changed, and in some areas, changed forever. But with every great challenge is also great opportunity. Just pause and look around at the people who are affected by this, and the opportunities before us to reach out with the Love of Christ.  It’s an opportunity for us to do what I spoke about last year.  I never thought it would be this dramatic.  Don’t just COME TO CHURCH; rather BE THE CHURCH.


As Pastor Carey Nieuwhof writes, embrace sacrifice, not selfishness. The early church was not known for stockpiling ample food supplies for themselves and spreading fear on social media. Representing Christ into this means setting some new patterns, perhaps different than we have ever done before in finding creative ways to connect with people—church people and unchurched people- to leverage this great opportunity before us. I believe in the Kish Family, and I believe we can do this with God’s strength. So, let’s commit to courageously walking forward together. To God be glory! Please stay in touch.


Grace and peace,

Pastors Doug, Chris, and the Kish Leadership Team.


Responses desired…Please let us know if you are interested in being part of a resource team for those needing assistance with getting necessary supplies, etc. Please reply back to this email or call our church office at 717-667-2500.
Please reply back right away and give us your contact information (address, phone number, etc)  or call the church office, if you do not think we may have it. We want to stay as up to date as possible. Thank you!

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