Life Groups

Real Life…One person at a time.  There are few ministries at Kish that embody our mission like our Life Groups do. They give the individual the opportunity to stretch and grow in their life in Christ. It happens in an informal atmosphere of authenticity and acceptance while digging into the principles from God’s Word. Besides that, they’re fun! We have various topics, days, times, and age groupings. Try one, and if it isn’t a good fit, no problem. There is probably another one that will meet the need for you.

Young Families

Wednesday, 6:00pm- Reese home (Reedsville)
Leaders: Gaylan & Janelle Reese
Study: Currently Deciding and Starting Soon

Note: This group meets every other Wednesday and offers childcare



Mixed Study Group - all ages


Wednesday, 6:30pm - Church basement
Leader: Pastor Doug Sabin
Study:  Overcomer by Stephen & Alex Kendrick


Men’s Study Group- all ages


Thursday, 6:30am - Honey Creek Inn (Reedsville)
Leader: Adam Weaver
Study: Defined: Who God Says You Are by Stephen & Alex Kendrick