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Welcome to Kish Student Ministry.  Our vision is "Intentionally helping students become fully devoted followers of Christ."  We do this through formal and informal ways, such as Sunday School, Sunday evening Youth Group, Sr. High Hangouts, Student Ministry Team, Individual Mentoring & Occasional Events, Retreats, and more.  As you walk into our youth ministry, you will notice a friendly, inviting group of people who simply desire to know and love Jesus and make Him known through their lives.  This year, we have developed a yearly theme of "Heroes".  This theme is woven into most of the programs and activities that we are doing this year.  Click here to check out a brochure of what we are doing for the year, as well as check out the info below.


Heroes Regroup (Youth Group): Sundays, 6pm - 8pm

Heroes Regroup is our youth group time in the "Heroes Hideout" (SM Room) and “Heroes Battleground” (Fellowship Hall / Outside).  During this time our young heroes learn key attitudes, character qualities, and life lessons for showing effective heroism.  It also helps bring out the inner hero within them, as they learn how to use their giftedness, for the glory of the True Hero, Jesus Christ.  The evening goes as follows: 

 1.  Heroes Assemble - This is the larger group discussion time, where Pastor Chris facilitates/teaches on the topic of the night.  This time is creative and interactive, many times incorporating video clips from Hero shows & movies, to start spiritual conversations, drive home spiritual points and/or create heroic interaction.

2.  Give Me More Power - This is the time where we take prayer requests, thanksgiving's & praises, and then seek God's wisdom, guidance and power in how to heroically persevere through life’s challenges, encouraging one-another to lean on God and each other!  We employ various creative forms of praying!

3.  Heroes Battleground - What would a hero be without testing his/her abilities?  During this time, our young heroes move from the "Heroes Hideout" to the "Heroes Battleground" to battle it out in various games, some with a hero twist.  This time challenges our heroes, both physically and mentally, with some creative games!

4.  Power Recharging - Once our heroes have battled it out, it is time to recharge their superpowers by enjoying energizing snacks.  This also allows for a time of additional hero connectedness.  Once they have recharged their powers, they are dismissed, to return home to be the heroes God has chosen them to be, in the lives of those around them.



Heroes Training: Sundays, 8:45am —  9:45am

A combined 6th—12th grade Heroes Training Class is available weekly, in the Heroes Hideout (Youth Room), facilitated by Pastor Chris.  This class challenges our young heroes to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ and spread His Heroic News to those around them!  Currently, we are working through a series of Talksheets.






Superhero University: Every-Other Thurs., 6:30pm - 8:00pm (8th - 12th Grade)

Something new, this year, is the introduction of Superhero University.  This is a 43 lesson curriculum, intended to take students through Christian apologetics, doctrine, beliefs and living, with a superhero twist.  The author & illustrator have created a unique blending of important material, in a superhero comic book style, complete with their own home-made superheroes and comics.

This is an every-other week meeting, where your Superhero University Professors (Howie Treaster & Pastor Chris), will discuss the lessons with the students.  Students will read through one lesson a week, preparing to discuss two lessons every time we meet. To join, students must be in 8th—12th grade, will need to install kindle on their device & purchase/download the kindle version material.  When completed, they will receive a Diploma, for a degree in Superheroism, from Superhero University!

(Student who complete the whole course will also get the material costs refunded back into their youth accounts to use towards events!)



Sr. High Hangout: Once-a-month on Thurs., 6:30-8:15pm (9th-12th Grade)

Once-a-month, on Thursdays we offer Sr. High Hangouts for our 9th-12th grade students.  This is an opportunity for our 9th-12th Grade students to hangout, enjoy a meal together, connect with one another, and then have a short discussion, usually revolving around a spiritual topic from a case study.  To join,  and get a list of dates, times and locations, contact PC and join the Remind Group!



Student Ministry Team: Once-A-Month

Three years ago, we started a Student Ministry Team for any 7th-12th grade students who show the evidences of being faithful, available, teachable and responsive, as well as desire to serve as student leaders/servants in our youth minsitry.  This team meets once-a-month, before youth group, usually 4:15-5:45pm.  We are currently pulling heroic leadership and character qualities out a a book entitled "Comic Book Character - Unleashing The Hero In Us All", by David A. Zimmerman.  If you are interested in learning how to be a student leader, just contact Pastor Chris!




SM Youth Events:

Our student ministry holds a host of events each year.  They range from messy games, fall & winter retreats, conferences, creative nights, all-nighters, movie nights, service projects, missions trips and more.  Feel free to contact Pastor Chris, and have him put you on our Remind list, to recieve youth updates.  Some of our upcoming and past events can be seen below in the SM Facebook Feed or check out our SM Facebook Page @  If you plan on attending Heroes Regroup or one of our youth events, please fill out this yearly liability form and return it to Pastor Chris.






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Want to know what's going on? Contact Pastor Chris at, 484-238-8376 or Join Remind with class code @kish-sm